This website was created in 2000 by Prof. Eliezer Jaffe of the School of Social Work at the Hebrew University and the Jaffe Welfare and Education Projects Fund to bring transparency, accountability, information, and equal access to organizations in Israel’s nonprofit Sector. Most of all, it was born as an effort to encourage Israeli government Ministries (Finance, Interior and Justice) to take responsibility for providing the public in Israel and abroad with reliable website information on all registered Israeli nonprofit organizations.

Toward this goal Prof. Jaffe wrote Giving Wisely: The Israel Guide to Nonprofit and Volunteer Organizations which was first published in 1982 and updated in 2000. That same year Prof. Jaffe created the Giving Wisely website and the book was posted on the site. He then wrote Sources of Funding: The Israel Foundation Directory, published in 2001, and this book was also posted on the Giving Wisely website. There was absolutely no fee for using the Giving Wisely site, and advertisements or selling of lists of amutot and foundations from the site was not allowed. The Giving Wisely project was funded entirely by donations from private individuals to the Jaffe Welfare and Education Projects Fund, a registered nonprofit (amuta) created by Prof. Jaffe and members of  his family and friends.

The primary goal of the Giving Wisely website was to get the Israeli government, alone or with partners, to create its own permanent website patterned after the American website “Guidestar”. We are extremely pleased that this finally took place in 2010.

Guidestar was brought to Israel through a partnership between the Rothschild Foundation (Yad Avi HaYishuv), the J.D.C. (Joint Distribution Committee-Israel) and the Israel Ministry of Justice which houses the Registrar of Nonprofit Associations. The Israeli website, GuideStar Israel, began operating in 2010 with a written agreement from the Ministry of Justice to provide annual information and financial reports for all registered Israeli nonprofit organizations. In addition to annual government data, additional information (self-reports) from all nonprofit organizations is actively solicited, which together constitute the nonprofit profiles posted on GuideStar Israel. This is a major historical achievement, and well beyond the scope of Giving Wisely which had a limited budget and access to only several hundred self-reports. The developers are committed to also posting profiles in English and Arabic for all (30,000) registered Israeli nonprofit organizations. Profiles in English are extremely crucial for foreign donors and other users and was a major feature of the Giving Wisely site.

In view of the accomplishment of our original goal for the Israeli government to take responsibility for transparency and website posting of  profiles of all nonprofit organizations, there is no longer a need for the Giving Wisely website.

We have therefore closed the Giving Wisely website and also closed the Jaffe Welfare and Education Projects Fund. We refer you to the GuideStar Israel site at http://guidestar.org.il . Their email address is info@guidestar.org.il .

For a more detailed news release on the new GuideStar Israel site see: http://ejewishphilanthropy.com/guidestar-israel


After 11 years of working independently and building a free, nonprofit public service model we paved the way for the GuideStar Israel website. This experience shows that individuals and citizen organizations can make a difference and promote important changes in the Israeli nonprofit and philanthropic sector.

Prof. Eliezer D. Jaffe,

Founder and Project Director of Giving Wisely.

Chairman and Founder, The Jaffe Welfare and Education Projects Fund.

Co-Chairman, The Center for the Study of Philanthropy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.